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    In the proofing gallery below you will find the the images achieved from a recent shoot. 

    This shoot was conducted in two 2 hour sessions but is representative of the type of images I achieve for my clients.


    • Below is an example proofing gallery, and each home photographed will receive it’s own page.  
    • Proofs  can be accessed by anyone who has your client login details making collaborative decision making easier.
    • You can use the heart button to make your selections and use the tabs to filter the images.
    • Once you have finalised your selections you can use the comments box below to give feedback on re-touching/artowrk or to list any queries
    • If there are images I feel best represent the project I will place these under the “Recommended”  tab.

    Artwork - Selected High-Res Files

    Each High-Res file charged at $60+gst each is art worked to get the best out of the image. 
    The supply fee covers 20 minutes per image, ensuring colour, contrast, brightness and balance are addressed.
    This also leaves time for minor retouching of blemishes, smudges on glass and surfaces,
    and the removal of powerlines and other distracting elements.

    Artwork - Complex Retouching

    Some images need a little more work than others.
    Additional retouching is quoted on request, and starts at $55+gst
    Below are some examples of complex retouching

    Web Resolution 

    These images are converted from RAW files as colour, brightness and contrast corrected JPG files.
    These are not artworked, but they are sized, profiled and sharpened for web use.
    This makes instagram and social media posts quick and efficient, and allows you a wider range of content from each shoot.
    The $20+gst fee only covers colour correction, density correction (brightness/darkness) and contrast corrections
    Below are examples of the type images that can work well without being artwork.

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