Cyanotype Printing for Children

Sun Printing

Cyanotype workshops for children

Back to nature

Sun printing

The procurement of objects to create the compositions is a big part of this project.

The little details make a big difference, and the process of finding objects encourages fascination and appreciation of the natural environment.

Artistic expression

Sun printing

Sun prints aren't just fun!

They teach children about how to pre-visualise the final results and how to create and control composition, tones and texture through the choice and placement of their objects.

A little bit of science

Sun printing

Cyanotypes are the result of a traditional wet photographic process.

The process starts by painting non-toxic chemistry onto water colour paper in order to sensitise it to UV light.

Once dried in a darkened room using only dim light, the objects are then placed carefully on top of this paper in order to block sunlight from reacting with the chemistry below.

Patience is a virtue

Sun printing

The exposure process is one that can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to a half an hour.

Some children will struggle with this but the magic of the development makes the wait worth while.

By their second print they will be happy to help count down eagerly to see how their image has worked.

A little bit of magic

Sun printing

The moment it all comes together.

The development process is simple but exciting. It involves rinsing the paper in cool water and in the process the image turns to a rich royal blue.

The final product

Sun printing

These vibrant blue prints will last a lifetime treated well and will immortalise those little details of nature long after the objects disappear.